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In our years of experience, we’ve found that people purchase websites like they do cars.
You choose your model, number of doors, colour and that’s it, right?

Not quite…When purchasing a car you have more than it’s features in mind, you also have a goal, be it cheap, fast or economical you’ll compare cars based on which one best suits your goals for your budget. See where I’m going with this?

Now let’s say you walk into a showroom saying you want a fast car (your goal) with 3 doors (your features), in red (your design)… you’ve just described a Ferrari. Was that the budget you had in mind?

This is why providing your agency with a budget is so important.

Why do I need a budget?

Many people believe by giving away your budget, you won’t get a good “deal” when realistically it’s not that simple. If you tell an agency you’re looking for a 20-page website with eCommerce and out of this world design, you’ll be quoted on the time to create the exact features you’ve described. Why is that a bad thing? You’ll have your website built, realise you’ve forgotten about some features, spend even more money and 6 months later your websites barely doing any business.

That’s because a good “deal” isn’t what you spend on the website it’s how good your return is on your investment.

At Create we want you to get the most out of your investment and we do that by focusing on your goals, not your features. That’s why we find out what you want to achieve. By knowing what you have to spend on the project, we’ll know the level of time and experience you can afford, use our experience to breakdown your budget and determine what will best maximise your ROI.

How am I supposed to know what my budget should be?

This is one of the most common things our clients tell us and that’s ok! We’ve built 1000’s of project and for the most part we’ll be able to give you an idea of the budget you’ll need to reach your goal.

For projects that are more complex, we created the Discovery Session. A Discovery Session is a set number of hours with our team where we consult you on the best routes to meet your goal. This may involve adding or even removing services or features but in the end, you will have a perfectly constructed & planned technical brief as well as an idea of what it’s like to work with our team and the best part? It’s completely risk-free!

Here’s an example…

Project A: without a Discovery Session:
- £4000
Unforseen Costs
- £800
Visitors 1st week of launch
Return on investment
6-24 months
Project B: with a Discovery Session:
Branding & Content Writing
- £500
Marketing, Social Media & SEO planning
- £1500
- £2000
Visitors 1st week of launch
Return on investment
1-2 months

*Please note this example is for demonstration purposes only.

Wondering how you can get the most out of your budget? 🤔

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