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Why are regular content updates important?

If you’re the manager of a blog or a website, then you’ll no doubt already be aware that content marketing can bring you greater exposure. Now more than ever, people are using the internet to research products and services.

The days of the Yellow Pages (or “Hibu” as they’re now called!) and newspaper ads are over. The most effective way to get found online is to ensure that you have plenty of content out there to do your marketing for you.

Online content can come in a broad range of formats. In addition to written content, there is also images, video, audio, infographics and more. Using these as regular content updates can all contribute to your overall marketing strategy. Using content for marketing means that you use educational and informational pieces of content to promote your products, services and website.

The result you’re looking for is for other people to discover your content, read it, listen to it, watch it and learn from it. This provides a way for them to get to know you and to build trust and a relationship so that they feel more comfortable about doing business with you.

Our top 7 reasons why it is important to update your content

Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why feeding your website with regular content updates will help your website be successful:

Fresh content for SEO – Google regularly crawls all websites and is always looking for new material. You can get ahead of the competition in the search results by providing newer, more up to date and better-keyworded information.

Positioning brand/company as an authority within your industry – share what you know and make your business the go-to in your industry. Keep feeding your audience information on the topics they’re researching, and you’ll be the first to come to mind in the future when they’re looking to buy what you offer.

Establishing trust – by showing your business has both a strong interest and expertise in the topic, you can begin to build a relationship. Your target market has evidence that you know what you’re talking about and that what you say has credibility.

You have industry knowledge – posting regular content updates can also provide you with the opportunity of showing that you and your business have a high level of awareness in the industry – ie. You’re up to date with new trends, changes in law, advanced techniques etc.

Reveal personality behind the brand – sometimes consumers just gel with the personality of a brand. By giving exposure to it, you can instil trust and convey the type of values the business has. Personality is often what is behind brand loyalty.

Builds search engine optimisation (SEO) – not only do search engines need to find your content, but they need to categorise it so that they can promote it to your audience. The more you follow Google’s guidelines, the more people they’ll send to your website.

Boosts growth – by putting out the right content at the right time, your business will grow. You’ll get more visitors, more customers and more revenue. You’ll get more eyes on what you’ve published, and that’s what delivers on expansion.

How can we help?

Creating regular content can be incredibly time-consuming. It all needs to be done properly which includes using relevant keywords inserted at the right percentage level and in the right places, a reading level that Google approves of and external links to prove that you’re providing valuable information. The first step is ensuring that your website design is professional and easy to read. Only then is it worth investing in content.

Google is fussy and expects regular content updates before it will consider rewarding you with good search results. Also, the guidelines are changed regularly, which makes it a bit of a challenge to stay abreast of SEO when you have your business to run too.

However, all efforts are worth the investment as you’re building a business asset that will reward you financially for years to come.

At Create, we have a specialist writing team who research, creates and publishes blog posts and web content for businesses just like yours, so get in touch today and we’ll start building your online presence for success.

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