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  • Full Rebranding
  • Split Website Design
  • Recruitment Website
  • Login Portal
  • Employee Management System


Synergy CRS, based in Bristol are one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies who specialise in three different sectors – healthcare, logistics and industrial. Focusing on flexible and permanent roles, they have a wide talent pool spanning across the UK and Europe.

The Outcome

Synergy CRS contacted us with a unique challenge. Unlike most recruitment agencies, Synergy’s expertise spans across varying sectors, each of which have very different target audiences and requirements. Their previous website was very busy, cluttered and was suffering from a high bounce rate, likely due to visitor confusion. As a result, we needed to provide a solution to the different channels and simplify the structure of the website so that the relevant information would be easily accessible and the user journey would flow effortlessly.

In addition to this, Synergy were aware that their internal process of onboarding their employees was very long winded, time consuming and ultimately eating into profit. Inline with GDPR, we consulted Synergy on the benefits of streamlining their current processes through ‘going digital’. They required a digital solution which would reduce the need for onboarding meetings with new candidates, endless paperwork and time spent internally managing various compliance documents.

After considering the client’s varied target audience, we needed to ensure that each section of the website was clearly identifiable to the visitors without causing any confusion. Our expert designers created a selection of different brand concepts, allowing the client to make the decision on the overall look and feel which would shape the overall identity of the company. Following our advice, the decision was made to differentiate between the different areas of the site through the use of colour. We achieved this by pulling the colours into an S logo which ties together nicely with the tagline “People in partnership”. Consideration was also taken on the colours to ensure that the logo could be used across a variety of formats including light and dark background without clashing.

The homepage was designed to become a one-click portal through to each industry ‘mini site’. Once the website visitor has been directed through to the mini site, the colour scheme subtly changes and the menu adjusts to only display relevant information.

Digitisation of the office process has been an overwhelming success for the business and has seen a hugely positive return on investment. New candidates and employees are able to register online through the website and complete a series of in-depth forms to gather the necessary information to enroll. The forms are lightweight, quick to load and broken up into a multi-page format so that they are not too overwhelming. Each section allows the user to return later and continue the process if they are unable to complete the forms in one attempt.

Synergy staff have a customised level of access depending on their role, providing them with only the necessary information they require. This reduces clutter in the dashboard, ensuring that accessing the employee’s details is quick and easy. Documents are digitally signed and converted into PDF format to allow physical copies to be filed and stored.

The overall project has been a great success, with countless hours saved and new business generated through the new website design and corporate identity.

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