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We are delighted to introduce the new Salesian Reading Routes Dashboard for Salesian School, an innovative platform specially designed to enrich and diversify the reading journey of our students.

The Salesian Reading Routes Dashboard is a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly merges technology with education, offering a dynamic and interactive space for students to explore diverse reading pathways. With a focus to enhance the reading culture within our community, the dashboard has been meticulously designed to provide a user-friendly and engaging experience for every user.

The dashboard’s design aligns seamlessly with Salesian School’s ethos of nurturing a love for learning and reading. Its colour palette, typography, and icons have been purposefully selected to inspire a sense of curiosity and adventure. The strategic integration of navigation tools allows students to effortlessly manage reading lists, track progress, and engage with a wide array of books. Our hope is that this streamlined process will encourage students’ participation, enhance their reading skills, and spark a lifelong love for literature.

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